A Deloitte study found that people look at their phones 47 times a day. Push notifications are ruining your life.
After 90 minutes of meetings, working, thinking, and pushing emails, your will to work will be in a bad place.
Reclaim more time from your day is to get hold of the big chunks that aren’t being put to good use.
Are you struggling to write blog posts quickly? Do you often edit your own work while writing?
The personal task board helps you see how your actions move you toward your goals.
There’s a way to decline invitations and requests that allows both you and the asker to remember that saying no doesn’t make you a bad person.
Flow isn’t harder to achieve these days. You just have to schedule it.
It can change your whole outlook.
Don’t let your brain hijack you.
“Focus Sprints” will change the way you “do” focus.
Tracking your progress on your goals can surprisingly be counterproductive.
The lists you aren’t making but should be.