Turn Off Your Monitor (Seriously)

Are you struggling to write blog posts quickly? Do you often edit your own work while writing?

Editing while writing is one of the biggest time-suckers out there.

Being a perfectionist is a surefire way to get burned out when writing.

The simplest way to avoid the habit of editing while you write is as follows: turn off your monitor.

You don’t need any special tools to turn off your laptop or PC monitor. Just decrease your screen brightness (to zero). Alternatively, hang a paper or dish towel over your screen.

Why? Because you don’t need to see the screen to write provided you have access to the keyboard.

But what about all the typos and grammatical errors, you may ask?

Well, you can always edit your content later! Most great writers draft their content first, edit later.

You’ll find that writing without looking at the words as they flash up on your monitor is liberating and means you get a ton more ideas down without second-guessing them.

Plus, here are some other benefits:

  • No online notifications or email alerts.

  • Faster typing speed.

  • Less temptation to use online tools like thesauruses or dictionaries!

I use this technique whenever I want to finish an article quickly.