The Right Temperature for Productivity

Keep your office between 70-72ºF (21-22ºC) to be the most productive.

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The temperature of your office has a huge impact on your productivity. So what’s the exact best temperature to set your office thermostat to?

Here’s what the research shows:

  • 70-72ºF (21-22ºC) is the temperature range that will make you the most productive

  • Any temperature above 73º decreases your productivity. At 86º and above, your productivity drops to about 90% of what it was before, a 10% decrease

  • Any temperature below 68º also decreases your productivity. Lower temperatures increase the number of errors you make, and they also increase your chances of getting sick

Another tip used by a couple of people I’ve worked with: If you have a lot of meetings or people like to stop by your office to chat quite a bit, lower the temperature of your office and put on a sweater. Your visitors will get cold faster, and your meetings will speed up considerably.