The Right Sound for Each Type of Work

The three productivity soundtracks you need to have to enhance your productivity for each type of task.

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David Pearce, Co-Founder of Carp, uses a different playlist for each type of work.

Here are his recommendations:

  1. Tasks you don‘t want to do (or (or simple repetitive tasks) Listen to a playlist full of songs you know really well. Studies show that your confidence and mood improves when listening to familiar songs. Put the volume up to boost energy

  2. Tasks requiring focus for an extended time Listen to music without lyrics that you don’t know but in a style that you like. The volume should be low so it falls into the background. Work in 90-minute sprints and then take a break

  3. When learning something new Silence. This is the one exception. David finds that music is distracting when trying to retain a new concept or skill.