The 7 Types of Email (And Dealing With Them)

All of your emails can fit into one of the following 7 categories. Here's how to deal with each one of them.

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  1. No need to reply, and not important to read Generously apply the archive or delete function

  2. File away Examples include tax receipts, examples of great emails, and info needed when you next work on a project. Create a specific folder and throw them all in there

  3. Optional response No need to respond, but it would be more courteous if you did

  4. Spare time reading Practice putting as many emails as possible into this category (and the previous one!)

  5. Required to respond today Go ahead and respond immediately, if important and urgent, or at the end of your workday when you are clearing out your inbox

  6. Required to respond but not today Put it in a folder named the day you would like to respond (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) then on that day, go into that folder

  7. Undecided Rather than suffer from paralysis by analysis, just put it into one of the above categories. It‘s probably #1 or #2.