Save 20+ Hours per Week with This Simple Exercise

The MOST Important Exercise I Do Every 3 Months.

Hey friend,

Every 3 months, I do a simple—yet powerful—exercise:

  • First, I review my work in the last 3 months: what went well and not so well

  • Then, I reflect on the overall direction of my business. What is my vision?

  • Finally, I plan my next 90 days

By knowing what’s important (and what’s not), I save 20+ Hours per week. A single laser-focus does wonder for your productivity.

Wanna join me and take your business and work to the next level?

Plan Your Next 90 Days

Now, why do this every 3 months instead of once a year?

The biggest problem with setting long-term goals is that you have no idea what your work and life will look like a year from now.

And so you end up setting unrealistic goals, ultimately paralyzing you with fear and preventing you from taking any action.

But 90 days?

There is something about a 90-day period that is connected deeply with the operating system of human beings. Ninety days is roughly the length of a season, the length of a school semester, and the span of the business quarter.

90 days also feels being just out of reach. It is far enough away from the here-and-now to imply a substantial journey but close enough that we can cross it with a solid burst.

It is enough time for you to accomplish something truly significant.

You would not believe what you can achieve in three months.

Why is the fourth quarter of the year almost always a company’s most productive, sometimes more than the previous three put together? That’s because year-end deadlines amp up the urgency.

And so by just planning your next 90 days and repeating the cycle every three months, you can capture this kind of momentum and lock down execution over and over.

Setting a 90-day goal makes the Important into the Urgent.

Ready to to achieve more in the next 90 days than in the last year?

Plan Your Next 90 Days

To your success,