Plan Tomorrow Today (In Less Than 5 Minutes)

Investing less than 1% of your time today will make you 10 times more efficient tomorrow.

Learn how to create summaries from books so you can remember what you read months, even years, after reading.

Having a routine of what you will accomplish each day will give you a sense of order and make your life feel less chaotic, saving you the time for planning in the morning.

If you have planned your week, or months ahead of time, you know what you will work on tomorrow.

Spend time planning your next day’s tasks the night before. For every minute you plan, you save minutes in execution.

Figuring out the most imperative tasks for tomorrow and scheduling them into a “model day” is one of the best ways to organize your day for maximum results.

Your plan will guide you when distracted and, in the late hours of the day when your willpower is low and it’s difficult to think, the same plan will help you focus on your most important tasks for the day.

Taking 5 minutes or less today to create a plan for tomorrow will give you a head start, keep you on task, boost your productivity and help you accomplish more.

Make an appointment with yourself every day to plan tomorrow today.