One Battle You Need To Win Every Day

Just like any battle, your daily battle offers the opportunity for you to be in charge of the outcome.

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Every day you wake up, a battle starts between two sides of your personality.

One side has a Ph.D. in instant gratification and wants pleasure whilst doing as little work as possible. You have a soft spot for this one because it never denies you anything.

The other is the one that demands discipline, grit, hard work, and consistency. It makes sure that you do whatever you can to reach your goals and pushes you as hard as possible to make sure you stay on track. Even though you mostly dislike this side, you know it’s the one that will take you where you want to go in life.

So, now what? How do we solve this issue?

Using the simple "Two List Method".

Every morning you wake up, imagine as if these two sides of your personality come to ask for resources. Each one of them wants to do something within the time you have within one day. Your choice is how many hours will you allocate to each one of them.

So you create two lists:

  1. Green List These are the activities that raise the quality of your life and bring results in different areas of your life. They are defined according to your goals and everyday responsibilities. Once you finish an activity, you get to cross it off, and it will give you a sense of accomplishment. That’s it

  2. Red List These are the activities or habits that simply do not support any of your goals and reduce the quality of your life in different areas of your life, making it challenging to stay true to what you want to achieve. If you resist doing any of them, you get to tick it off. Your goal for each day is to mark as many as you can on either list.

Wake up, take a look at each list (adapt them if needed, based on new circumstances), and decide how much time you will allocate in each, and how can you resist doing the ones from the red list.

Tick as many as you can from each list and do better tomorrow.