Keeping Up With Your Reading Resolution

Vowing to read more books is a perennially popular personal goal. Here are 4 tricks to help you achieve it.

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It can be hard to get through books when you’ve fallen out of practice. Here are a few tricks that can help you read more - and become more relaxed, empathetic and mentally fit to boot.

  1. Download books to your smartphone It’s easier to find time to read if you always have a book on you. It‘s also a way to avoid getting sucked into Facebook and Twitter)

  2. Set a daily reading goal It helps you break big books into manageable chunks. Simply choose an amount of time to devote to reading each day

  3. Set a time to read Researchers have found that reading before bed can help you de-stress and unplug. And if you set a time each day when you read, you’re more likely to make churning through books a part of your regular routine

  4. Keep a stack of tempting books on hand A pile of books on your nightstand is a visual reminder of your goal. Keep a stack of books wherever you tend to spend the most time, such as the coffee table in the living room or the kitchen nook