Increase Your Productivity by 46% (Now)

If you get a standing desk, your day will go quicker and you may be better able to concentrate on your work.

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A recent study by Texas A&M University found that employees who used standing desks were a whopping 46% more productive than those with traditional seated desk configurations.

Using a standing desk you will:

  • Become more productive (you’ll stop checking your inbox every few minutes)

  • Burn more calories (it activates the major muscle groups in your legs)

  • Enhance your sense of focus it’s normal to feel a sense of urgency when standing, making you more focused on the timely completion of tasks)

  • Improve your digestive health and experience decreased fatigue (because you won’t slouch over at your desk)

Here are a few tips for standing desk newbies:

  1. Start small Start in small cycles. Use it for 15 minutes a day, then slowly increase your time until you feel so good at it that you can spend all day there

  2. Find Your Best Position Use sites like Pinterest to come up with a ton of creative ideas about how best to set it up or even make one yourself

  3. Take breaks Go for a short walk, practice squat or grab a cup of coffee to avoid fatigue or stiffness