How to Use Your ʺGap Timeʺ Wisely

After 90 minutes of meetings, working, thinking, and pushing emails, your will to work will be in bad place.

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This is a great opportunity to take a productive break.

Put your gap time to good use.

Anywhere from 1–3 hours of your day is probably spent in “gap time.”

Gap times are those between meaningful activities but aren’t normally long enough to get more done, or the time you need to recover from deep work.


  • Commuting to work

  • Waiting in line

  • Small talks at the office

  • Small breaks in your schedule

  • Long breaks from work when you are not actively working on your tasks for the day

You can listen to a podcast, learn a language, take a walk to think, read a book, read the articles you’ve bookmarked, plan the rest of your day, or better still take a productive pause to clear your mind.

You should be as strategic about your breaks as you are about your day in general.

It’s critical to make the most of your break and remind yourself that by taking a productive pause, you will accomplish more in the long run.

Most people accomplish more in short bursts with breaks in between, so organizing your schedule around these natural energy peaks will help you be more productive.