How To Spend Less Time In Meetings

Most meetings are a waste of time and the ones that aren’t are still likely twice as long as they need to be.

The good news is that since meetings are so loaded with wasted time, they’re one of the easiest places to free up time for yourself.

Here‘s how to make meetings more efficient and save time during the day:

  1. Reduce the Default Time of Your Meetings By 15 Minutes It promotes efficiency and automatically frees up 15 minutes

  2. Have a Plan Going in with an agenda guarantees the meeting will stay on track and you won’t waste time

  3. Limit Recurring Meetings Can your weekly updates be relegated to emails? Can they be bi-weekly instead of weekly? Recurring meetings don’t need to happen as often as they’re scheduled

  4. Start On Time Don’t waste time waiting for people to show up. When you start on time, people will start to show up on time

  5. Try the Amazon Memo Tactic Amazon begins meetings by presenting a memo that each attendee reads to themselves that gives context and focus for the meeting