How to Hack Your Motivation

Being truly motivated by an exciting project is awesome. But how can you hack your motivation when you're stuck?

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The common theme among these is switching your perspective from thinking about your project as a huge endeavor and instead concentrating on the next practical step.

Here are four hacks to give your motivation a temporary boost:

  1. "Just One Change" Open one file in your project and try to improve just one line. That change often leads to another and can get you going

  2. Time Challenge Turn mundane tasks into challenges. Keep a high score list of how long it takes you to complete tasks each time. Can you do it in less time? Try to beat your record

  3. Time Slotting Sometimes you are not in the mood for speed challenges and even a bit of progress today would be a victory. Try allocating just an hour. If you could choose, what would be the best thing to work on today between 10-11 AM? When the hour comes, you might actually find yourself doing the task you allocated, because after all you yourself decided that to be the most important thing you could be working on at that point in time

  4. Leave a Small Task Undone To jump-start your productivity the next day, leave a task open from today. For example: before calling it a night, leave a line of code unfinished so you can jump in and finish that as the first natural task for getting into a productive mood tomorrow