How To Get Better At One Thing In One Month

Sometimes we focus so much on getting great at something that we miss the opportunity we have to get better.

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But getting better is the first step to getting great, and the best way I’ve found to get better at anything is to follow this simple formula:

  1. Choose one thing Multitasking doesn’t accelerate improvement, it impedes it

  2. Clarify your motivation The better you understand your why, the more likely you are to succeed

  3. Define “better” You can’t achieve what you can’t define

  4. Do your thing at least three times a week Improvement comes from action, not intention

  5. Measure your results Learn from how people react to what you do, how you react to it, and figure out what works and what doesn’t

  6. Develop a hypothesis about how you can improve Improvement comes from making adjustments and those adjustments are inspired by a hypothesis based on the results of the work you’ve done to this point

  7. Test your hypothesis There’s as much to learn from being wrong as there is from being right

  8. Recognize that “better” isn’t necessarily “great” The way to get great is to keep getting better

Following this 8-step template, you 100% can get better at anything in a month.