How to Create A Flow State Ritual

Being in a flow state is being fully immersed in a task to the point where everything else fades away.

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Being in the flow state allows you to achieve great things but you have to take action to achieve the flow state.

Which, of course, raises a critical question: what actions can you take to get into the flow state?

And that’s why you need to create a flow state ritual.

A flow state ritual is an action (or series of actions) you take every time you’re about to start working on a critical task.

This ritual helps put you in the single-track mindset required to enter the flow state.

Your ritual could mean to meditate for ten minutes, or slowly and deliberately making a cup of tea as you contemplate the task at hand, or take a short walk outside to get your blood moving and the creative juices flowing.

The point is simply that you perform the same task every time before you enter the flow state.

This repetition will eventually cause the ritual to be a Pavlovian signal of sorts, triggering a biological response in your body that prepares it to focus.