How to Accomplish 3 Years of Work in 30 Days

World-class performers don’t strive for “balance.” They strive for greatness, all the time, in every area.

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The world’s most successful people give 100% of their time to whatever it is they are doing.

Once you cut out all the fluff, distractions, and procrastination, you can accomplish in one week what it would take others years to finish.

4-year colleges are a great example of this.

You take a couple of classes in your desired field while the rest is fluff, like pre-requisites and “general education” that has nothing to do with your goal. 3 hours a week in class for four 16-week semesters is 192 hours of learning. That’s 8 days to receive half of a “4-year” degree.

Obviously, there’s more to it than just class; homework, essays, and studying all take time. But for most students, 95% of school is fluff. Remove the forced summer/winter breaks, screwing around, and partying, and you could complete the requirements for a “4-year” degree in a few weeks.

Most people carry this misunderstood “4-year” principle for the rest of their lives.

They hear “15-year mortgage” and assume takes 15 years to pay for a house. They hear retirement is at 65, so they can’t fathom retiring any earlier. They get 2 weeks of vacation a year, so they think it take 5 years to earn that trip to Europe.

If you remove all the breaks, fluff, preparation, and procrastination, you can accomplish your biggest goals in a few months — or even weeks.