*Blip* *Blip* Blip* Attention Gone

A Deloitte study found that people look at their phones 47 times a day. Push notifications are ruining your life.

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You don’t even have to read those messages for your mental gears to toggle off what you are focusing on.

Kill your notifications. Yes, really. Turn them all off.

Smartphones aren’t your problem. It’s all the buzzing and dinging, endlessly calling for your attention.

The start-stop process on projects in killing your productivity. Push notification is your greatest enemy.

Here‘s what to do instead:

  • Decide ahead of time how to spend your time

  • Block and tackle your key priorities. Schedule them in your calendar

  • Ignore email

  • Shut your office door

  • Turn off notifications on your phone

And get what matters most done.

It’s time to fight distractions.

Create an uninterrupted, free-flowing, idea-generating, peaceful space to get work done on time.