Beware of “Time Bullies”

ʺTime bulliesʺ are the people that invade your time and and try to get you to do reactive work.

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It’s the client that interrupts your vacation with frequency calls or emails. And the colleague at work who needs helps all the time.

It has become expected, even acceptable, for people to steal your time.

Don’t let these bullies push you around.

If you do not protect your calendar, then others will abuse it.

When you’re on the clock that’s your time for your work. But when it’s your lunch hour, you’re off-the-clock. Remember, that that time is YOURS.

There is a simple way to prevent this from happening:

Learn how to say “no” when you’re busy.

Be protective of your greatest asset.

Just like any investor, put your time to good use.

Don’t apologize for choosing to invest wisely.