Beat Procrastination With the (10+2)*5 Rule

A great productivity hack for procrastinators and people with a long list of very short tasks.

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Over the course of an hour, you’ll put in 50 minutes of work. But because you only need to commit to 10 minutes at a time (and you know you’re guaranteed a break soon), it can make larger commitments feel less daunting.

You need a timer that is easy to reset and a reduced subset of your to-do list with tasks that can be worked on (not necessarily completed) in blocks of 10 minutes or less.

How it works:

  1. 10 Minutes of Work Work for ten minutes with a single-minded focus on moving toward completion on a single task

  2. 2 Minute Break After ten minutes you get a 2-minute break to do whatever you want. When the two minutes are up, it’s back to work on the next task on your list

  3. Rinse and Repeat Repeat #1 and #2 four more times for a total of one hour’s working/breaking