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Never forget a book again.

Hey friends,

Wouldn't it be great to remember books you read months, even years, after reading?

That's exactly what I show you in my new masterclass - Building a Brain OS.

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You'll learn my simple step-by-step system to retain what you read.

How many books did you read last year? And how much information do you remember from them?

You know what I mean: you read a book, investing hours of mental labor in understanding the ideas it presents.

You finish the book with a feeling of triumph that you’ve gained a valuable body of knowledge.

But then what?

The demands of life get in the way. And a few weeks later, you can't even recall what the book was about:

“Sapiens? What a great book. Super fun to read. Great history of, uh, you know, humans. Agricultural revolution was 12,000 years ago and it changed everything. I know, I know—it’s crazy.”

The challenge of knowledge is not acquiring it. In our digital world, you can acquire almost any knowledge at almost any time.

The challenge is building a system to forward bits of it through time.

So you can use it in a future situation or problem or challenge where it is most applicable, and most needed.

Get Building a Brain OS

🧠 Why You Need a Brain OS

#1 Remember What You Read

You've probably read a book only to forget its key ideas as soon as you finish.

Summarizing a book in your own words, though, minimizes that problem by helping you internalize the book’s key insights

#2 Connect Key Concepts from Other Books

Writing summaries create building blocks for your own thinking and creating. You can connect ideas from other books you’ve read.

#3 Improve Your Writing and Thinking

If you create any kind of content - articles, videos, podcasts - you need to refer to and reference ideas you’ve read as quickly as possible.

And even if you’re not a writer or a creative, there’s value in “remixing” an idea as part of the retrieval process.

💎 What's Inside?

#1 Building Your Brain OS (Video Masterclass)

  • Learn my process to create the best book summaries

  • How to systematize what you learn from books so you never forget actionable lessons

  • Organize your book notes for easy access when you need them the most

#2 BONUS: Lifetime Access to My Brain OS (45 Books)

  • Detailed book notes from the most influential books on personal growth, productivity, and habits

  • More than 2000 hours of reading (and $3000 spend on books) and many more hours of creating these summaries

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P.s. I'm keeping this special price for the first few weeks only. After that, I'll raise it (forever). So get access now before the price increases