Your mind is going to put a millions things in front of you and it′s your job to control it.
Minimalism is often considered as a design philosophy but you can use also apply it to productivity and focus.
Studies have shown that the human brain has a strong urge to finish tasks that we start.
Adopt these laws to push your productivity into overdrive and drastically increase the return on your time.
You spend most of the day switching back and forth between strategy and get stuff done mode.
Normally you don't have to read the emails that you are CC'ed on right away and you can read them on your own time.
Add more notes and meta-info than just the name of the event when you′re using the calendar.
Follow this method, and you will be sure to stay on track with your most important tasks at any given time.
Being in a flow state is being fully immersed in a task to the point where everything else fades away.
We all have tasks never get around to do it. This simple trick will beat the biggest hurdle: getting started.
A simple hack to help you unplug and break your mindless website clicking and scrolling.
Research has found that bite-size tasks and interruptions can disrupt concentration for up to half an hour.